Incompetency & Fakeness Is Amplified in the Digital World
In a world where the existing jobs are fewer than the many people who need them, many people will do all it takes to secure jobs, compete, over-promise, lie and come across as someone they are not to get ahead. This is faking incompetency. I work predominately on the world wide web. This is mostly an unregulated open field for anyone and everyone to claim themselves as experts. I am going to go out there
3 Go-to Social Media Channels For Technical Brands
In today’s post, I discuss social media marketing that technical, operations-driven, engineering and manufacturing brands should use to get ahead and build their brand. Social media is all about engagement, building relationships, and keeping your existing community happy (and proud) to be associated with you. Community, in this case, means your prospects, existing customers, past clients/customers, employees (and their families), investors, media organizations, vendors, creditors, and more! These are your ‘people’ and your tribe. They believe in the
A Blast from the Past in Web Design
In this blog, I try to keep it light and talk about how web design trends have changed so much over the years. We look at each of the last 3 to 4 decades and see what we have come to accept as “normal” in our user experience when it comes to web design. We just hit a big milestone at Web Worx Labs. We have designed for almost 8 years and completed over 100

Front End vs. Back End

Posted by Usman Sheikh on  May 16, 2022
Category: Digital Marketing
In this blog, we talk about two popular concepts that are thrown around in the web development world. Marketers today work with web design and development teams regularly. In some organizations, there are separate eCommerce teams that have different functions that come together including front-end, back-end, digital marketing, and merchandising. Let’s lets look more closely at these two jobs (front end vs. back end development) are now interacting with the marketing functions in brands of
How our memories remember brands

How Our Brains Work

Posted by Usman Sheikh on  May 16, 2022
Category: Branding Blogs
My Morning Coffee Routine I want to take some time to explain how marketing, directly and indirectly, impacts consumer behaviour, attitudes, and purchases. This is quite powerful if done right. To help explain this better, I am going to walk through my morning coffee routine to work. Who doesn’t like stories? I wake up in the morning and I am already struggling out of bed. My brain is still in sleep mode and wants me
Branding Strategy - Starting With the Why - blog banner with Brand written on cup - Web Worx Labs

In Your Branding Strategy…

Posted by Usman Sheikh on  October 1, 2021
Category: Branding Blogs
In Your Branding Strategy… Start with What & How – Not Why With this blog, we are looking to help businesses understand how to come up with the right sequence for a powerful branding strategy.   Are you a business leader, marketer, or brand owner?  Are you looking to revamp your brand, launch a new product, launch a new business? If you answered yes to these questions, then we hope the analysis we share in
Why does Google keep changing its algorithm
Google has been known to make significant changes to its algorithm each year. Why? Why does Google keep changing its algorithm so regularly? Google’s algorithms (as there are multiple algorithms that actually work together) ensures that search results bring up the most relevant content to a user with the amount of information available on the web. This can be difficult to sift through millions of websites in milliseconds and find exactly what you need that
Do Likes On Social Media Even Matter? A Banner Image for Blog showing smartphone with social media app and emojis | Web Worx Labs
Do Likes on Social Media Channels Matter? What are “Likes” or “Subscribers” or “Follow”? With over 3.6 billion users, social media is unarguably the new mega force to reckon with in the business arena. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and others have given businesses cost-effective and convenient platforms to communicate with their target audience.  Digital marketers are working round the clock to have as many people as possible like, subscribe, and
Cryptocurrency Guide (For Marketers By Marketers) This blog post is a cryptocurrency guide for marketers, business leaders and anyone who is looking to better understand this technology without getting too technical. Why are these terms always thrown around and making headlines?  Why should marketers care about it in today’s day and age? This “cryptocurrency” term and others including blockchain, bitcoin, are used today by many techies, bankers, news websites, and some eccentric personalities (think Elon

What are Cookies (on the internet)?

Posted by Usman Sheikh on  August 11, 2021
Category: Uncategorized
What are Cookies (on the internet)? We are talking about the internet here – so if you got a picture of a chocolate chip cookie pop up in your head – you are not alone. 🍪😋  So what are cookies on the internet (not the ones we eat) exactly? Computer cookies more formally known as HTTP cookies are not physical objects but text files with small pieces of data, like a username and password that
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