Do Likes on Social Media Channels Matter?

Do Likes on Social Media Channels Matter? What are “Likes” or “Subscribers” or “Follow”? With over 3.6 billion users, social media is unarguably the new mega force to reckon with in the business arena. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and others have given businesses cost-effective and convenient platforms to communicate with their target audience.  Digital marketers are working round the clock to have as many people as possible like, subscribe, and […]


What Are Algorithms? (a 4 min read)

For most marketers and digital nomads, algorithms are a bit like a blockchain.  Everyone understands a bit of it, but ask them to explain what and how it works – good luck or expect a long complex answer that seems to go off topic but does not really answer the question.  You know it.  We have all been there. So what are algorithms exactly (without going off on a tangent)? What Are Algorithms – The […]

5 Ways A Marketer Can Stand Out At Work

5 Ways A Marketer Can Stand Out At Work You’ve made up your mind that you want to pursue marketing as a career. You have all the academic qualifications to kick-start the career journey. The zeal in you feels like it will take you just a couple of years or months to become a world-class marketer.  First, congratulations on defining your career path and bracing yourself to defy the odds to become an outstanding marketer.  […]

7 Best Ways To Leverage YouTube For Retail

7 Best Ways To Leverage YouTube For Retail So you are wondering how to use YouTube for retail brands effectively? YouTube has a huge audience, who tend to spend more time on YouTube. than most other social media platforms! Video marketing is growing, and YouTube allows for a great way for brands to build a following, gain exposure and engage your customers or prospects for retail brands. In today’s blog, we walk you through the […]

How To Use Quora For Marketing – Ultimate Guide

How To Use Quora For Marketing – Ultimate Guide Why Quora In 2021 – Statistics Quora & Reddit are powerful Question & Answer platforms that allow people to answer and ask questions in any specific niche around the world. Compared to other social media channels – Quora is had on average 300 million active users as of early 2021. It is one of the most trusted platforms for knowledge seekers. From celebrities to famous politicians […]

What Is A Good Digital Marketing Budget For Your Company in 2021? (Post COVID-19)

What Is A Good Digital Marketing Budget For Your Company in 2021? (Post COVID-19) Good Solutions & Offerings Still Needs To Be Marketed Even in post COVID-19 times, a good digital marketing budget is a must. One of the things that business leaders need to understand is the importance of digital marketing in the new normal. While there are some leaders who have a hard time figuring this out, we just want you to remember […]

Types of Advertising

Types of Advertising – Detailed & Comprehensive Guide Advertising? The most significant form of marketing communication done to promote or sell a solution through a non-personal message and openly sponsored format. Arguably the most popular discipline within the marketing function. Introduction There are several types of advertisings. However, not many people are fully aware of them. Although now the current generation knows what exactly advertisements do but still to sound a bit academic, let us […]

Marketing Fundamentals 101

Marketing Fundamentals 101   Finally, Your search for marketing fundamentals has bought you here. If you think that digital marketing is something modern, then, unfortunately, you would be wrong! Want to know why? The term digital marketing gained popularity in the 2000s but is in existence for more than a century (yes, a century), and here the definition will let you know what exactly we mean. Want a straightforward definition to remember what digital marketing […]