What are Cookies on the internet

What are Cookies (on the internet)?

We are talking about the internet here – so if you got a picture of a chocolate chip cookie pop up in your head – you are not alone. 🍪😋  So what are cookies on the internet (not the ones we eat) exactly? Computer cookies more formally known as HTTP cookies are not physical objects but text files with small pieces of data, like a username and password that are used to identify your computer […]

5 Simple But Powerful Google Ads Tips – Optimization Strategies for 2021 [Updated For 2021]

5 Simple But Powerful Google Ads Optimization Strategies for 2021 Looking for updated Google Ads Tips to help you make the most of your ads in 2021? Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are one of the best and fastest ways to get more targeted traffic, new prospects, and to make your brand known. So, it’s not strange to see many marketers trying to create PPC campaigns. However, one of the reasons why many marketers end […]