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Diversify your portfolio

Increase the variety of your B2B marketing efforts and connect with the right accounts. Investigate channels, methods, and technologies to maximize your leads and customer funnel based on your customer segmentation. Relying on one key channel or account for B2B can never create a suitable long-term competitive advantage

Assign searcher intent priority for SEO

When optimizing your SEO content, always consider users' search intent. Some customers are merely doing research, while others are weighing their alternatives. You should provide content to the audience for each phase of their buyer's journey. Search engines will thank you with higher rankings.

Digital Marketing Term Spotlight


404 Error Message: A 404 error message appears when you attempt to access a webpage that no longer exists or has been erased. A standard HTTP error message code indicates that the website or webpage you tried to access is not on the server. It's a client-side error, meaning either the webpage was withdrawn or modified, the URL was not updated, or the individual entered the URL wrongly. These are easy pickings for improving customer user experience on your website. Keep your URLs fresh and updated to lower bounce rates. Refrain from directing your visitors to poorly designed web pages that lead to this result.

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