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Let your website sell you

Set relevant keywords for your website. It's a powerful channel for customers to find you. People need to discover you before they can become leads. Draw the right people so they can grow into quality leads.

Provide incentives for loyal clients

Encourage ongoing business with your organization by giving it high consideration. Implement a client loyalty program that offers special deals, gifts, and other benefits.

Digital Marketing Term Spotlight


Brand Awareness: Raising brand awareness is crucial in advertising a new product or revitalizing an established brand. Brand awareness is a marketing term that refers to how well a product is known to consumers just by its name. It shows how well-known and recognized your brand (product or service) is within your target market.

Bounce Rate: The simplest way to explain this is when visitors enter your website, do nothing else, and instantly hit the "back" button. It denotes the number of visitors who access the site and then exit ("bounce") instead of exploring further pages on the same site. It is one of the most basic and significant indicators to look out for in Google Analytics. 

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