Why Did apple's ad campaign work so well Watch the video ->


Assess the perception of your brand

Understand how your brand is perceived by customers and create a sustainable brand positioning statement that both your team and potential customers will recognize and value.

Develop social bonds with potential customers

Engage individuals in conversation on a human level by telling your own story or attempting to understand their frustrations. Present yourself and your company as a remedy for any pain points that your consumers may be experiencing.

Digital Marketing Term Spotlight


Snippet: A snippet is a small part, piece or brief extract of your webpage on search engine rankings. In organic SEO, consider your snippet equivalent to your ad content. In other words, your snippet is displayed to show people what to expect on your page, therefore making it easier for you to give a preview and persuade your audience to click on your link and visit your site. Depending on the arrangement of the search engine, a snippet becomes rich snippet or featured snippet.

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