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Find your target audience

Find the people who are truly in need of the goods or services that your business offers. With that knowledge, you can develop customer profiles and comprehend their purchasing processes, which is a very helpful tool for any kind of marketing.

Create fun and interesting contests

Everyone enjoys competing. The prospect of getting something for nothing is almost too appealing to refuse, particularly if entering doesn't take much time or effort. Hold contests on your blog, social media, or other websites. Make sure to abide by the guidelines and select a freebie that is relevant to your work.

Digital Marketing Term Spotlight


A/B Testing: Also known as Split Testing. It is a method of determining which of two possibilities is superior. For example, suppose you construct one ad campaign but have two separate versions of ads that appear at random in the first phase of the campaign. It helps evaluate two versions of a web page or application to know which performs best

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