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Content is key for B2B sales

Speak to each of your buyers in their positions, and deliver the specific information they’re searching for with different content formats. Survey other salespeople for their insights on popular topics, and share these insights with your audience in various content forms.

Be swift to make an impression

Because of the digital age's continual distractions and information overload, the sales cycle is moving faster than ever. Be swift to get a customer's attention. Consider how you can quickly attract a new customer to your site with a short video or message.

Digital Marketing Term Spotlight


Online Reputation Score: A reputation score enables you to evaluate your company's online standing with your competitors. It is determined by how well a company does in several significant online categories, such as reviews, social networks, surveys, accessibility, awareness, etc. It can help you measure how consumers view your brand online based on your online presence to determine if you are likely reliable or trusted.

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