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Maintain Your Momentum

A typical B2B prospect has already done some basic research and could be halfway through the sales cycle. Don’t pull back and go over things they already know. Instead, focus on filling gaps for them and closing them quickly.

Capitalize on Google Maps marketing

Google Maps populates your location by providing a short description, a URL, user ratings, images, and business information. It’s a one-stop shop for everything a searcher may need to know about your company. Even if searchers have yet to learn your business exists, they can easily find it by geography.

Digital Marketing Term Spotlight


Graceful Degradation: This term describes optimizing your website to look amazing across all devices. In other words, your website needs to be constructed to "degrade" without fully malfunctioning when viewed from an outdated Blackberry or a laptop running Internet Explorer 6. For instance, if you create a website with a large Flash video in the middle of the screen, but someone visits your website using an old browser that doesn't support Flash, your website should be framed so that it shows them something other than a large black empty box.

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