The Most Powerful Digital Marketing Skills

The Most Powerful Digital Marketing Skills

The Most Powerful Digital Marketing Skills

Digital marketing is a rapidly changing field. It is a powerful combination of marketing and information technology that comes together seamlessly to deliver for businesses and brands everywhere.

There are a lot of skills digital marketing professionals are required to have these days. Any digital marketing agency will have lots of different experts in their team to deliver projects for their clients. At Web Worx Labs – we know how different experts need to come together to deliver beautiful products – be it social media posts, google ad copy, reporting/analytics, web design, development project or video editing.

Digital Marketing Skills Needed Today

Here is a breakdown of some of the different types of digital marketing skills that are a necessity in the field:

  1. Branding
  2. Web development
  3. Web Design
  4. Marketing Manager
  5. UX/UI Design
  6. Graphic Designer
  7. Copywriter
  8. Social Media Management
  9. Social Media Design
  10. Search Engine Optimization
  11. Pay Per Click Expert
  12. Content writer
  13. Copywriter
  14. Video Editing
  15. Video Shooting

HubSpot has a great blog that gets into the nitty-gritty of what, who and how is digital marketing practiced. Here is a link to their blog.

In our agency, we know that these diverse skills are required to deliver full-stack solutions. We have in-house expertise for most of these solutions and our team members come together to deliver for our clients.

And trust us – to deliver outstanding projects, you need specialists in the areas mentioned above.

That is why there are so many niches out there. Many companies either focus on back-end IT development, while others focus on Social Media Management and while others are solely SEO practitioners since these are distinct expertise on their own that provides a solution to one aspect of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Skills Needed Today Graphic

Among all of this expertise, there is one skill and one skill from our point of view that trumps it all. Can you guess what that skill is?

The skill is writing.

Yes, you can say it is content writing or copywriting – but it’s essentially writing. This simple and fundamental skill that was powerful in the 17th century when running print ads (an example will be shown later) is still the most relevant one today.

Why is writing the most sought-after and needed skill in digital marketing?

It is simple – because it’s the one skill that connects every other digital marketing solution.

Why Content Writing Is The Number One Skill In Digital Marketing?

By content writing, we do not only mean writing blogs – we mean writing for ads, copy, email, web copy and anything in between (and yes it also covers blogs).

To us, a content writer and copywriting are almost interwoven disciplines. A good copywriter is a writer that can write blogs, ads or web copy.

One can argue that even in copywriting, there are areas of specialty. A copywriter can specialize in ads vs. another who is better at writing blogs while another can have their primary focus on writing social media copy.

A copy or content writer can have a preference – but intrinsically they are writers. Rules of engagement are slightly different, but the skills are very transferable.

Content is King

Ever heard of the saying – “Content is king”?

That phrase was written way back in 1996 by a famous entrepreneur named Bill Gates – the founder of Microsoft. He may not have coined the term as there is a debate that it pre-dates him, but he made it famous with his essay.

He wrote an essay on the subject and in it he emphasized that content will dominate the internet the same way it did in broadcasting.

His prediction has turned out to be right and will continue to be right in the foreseeable future.

Even Google – one of the biggest companies in the digital marketing industry and the biggest referral network relies on content to do its job. It ranks and answers millions of queries a day by scanning billions of sites with its sophisticated algorithm that scans the content on the sites to provide users the answers they need. All in milliseconds.

So yes, content drives the internet and digital marketing is marketing using the internet. Hence, content marketing is essentially digital marketing.

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Content is the Glue That Binds Every Other Skill

The great thing about content writing is that it is needed for every other digital marketing skill.

Does a web developer need content for his or her website? You bet! No matter how fast the website loads – she or he will not be able to do anything with it unless the content on the pages connects with the audience.

It is the fundamental marketing skill that is needed in every solution, skill or service to complete its delivery.

Let’s break down other digital marketing skills that need content writing to deliver their products:

  • Search Engine Optimization – It’s a fundamental requirement. White hat SEO is about content creation, website optimization, on-page, meta tags, descriptions, and outreach.
    • For all of those activities, we need great writing
    • Reporting & Analytics also requires a writer who can articulate the work performed
  • UX/UI Designer.
  • For any web design, the content drives the design.
    • Words are used as a direction to help guide the designer to create the WOW factor web experience begins with great writing initially

Web Developer – we already mentioned it earlier 😊

  • Pay Per Click Specialist. Copywriting for PPC has been an age-old industry and professional since the direct mail days.
  • Social Media Management. Whether it’s designing the posts or writing the caption, it starts with writing the content out for the design and then having to design them.
    • Then you create the caption and call to action.
  • Email marketing. This is more obvious. Writing great emails comes from well – great writing.
  • Videography.

Everything from writing a great screenplay or script to editing and video call outs requires content to makes it all come together

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Now it could be argued that many of the web designs, for example, can be mediocre at copywriting to get by and make up for it with their other skills. However, to go after the market and stand out, your copy and content writing is what will need to be consistent to beat out the competition.

Whether it’s through writing blogs, or running podcasts, hosting seminars or writing amazing copy – to market your business, you will need great writing. Period.

And that is the main point here. Once the website is developed and hosted – people will not show up to it. It will need to speak to people, it will need to be marketed. Content and great writing will be needed to drive traffic.

To showcase thought leadership in digital marketing – it begins with great words first getting organized to get the right message across to the right audience.

Great Writers Are Strategist & Marketers

To be a great writer, you have to understand your subject and your audience well. To entertain, engage and keep the reader turning the page or read the whole blog or finish the website copy, you need to understand your customer or reader at a deeper more psychological level.

This means that you are already getting into the mind of the audience and thinking like a marketer.

Does a web copy or ad copywriter know who they need to speak to? How about a great blogger?

To execute and come up with a plan to get great ideas, thought leadership or the target customer engagement is required to achieve the goals (whether it’s clicking on an ad or signing up for conversion) and this also requires a solid plan.

The development of the plan at this point means you think critically, look at the numbers and come up with a plan to achieve. This is, in a nutshell, is in fact strategy development. You need to think critically and write content that attracts, engages and converts.

The simple fact is that writing is the oldest marketing skill out there. It was true in the days of marketing in classifieds or newspaper ads published in the 17th century and it is true in today’s digital marketing age.

The copy used in the advertisement in the ca the 1740s

Source: V&A Collections UK

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Closing Thoughts

If you are in the market for an ad agency or a digital marketing firm, ask them if they have copywriters or content writers? Who writes blogs for their SEO campaigns? Who writes the copy for the ads?

Or if you are a digital marketing professional that is not a natural writer, then we recommend take the time and brush up on your writing skills or partner with a professional writer to help create complete digital marketing solutions.

Writing captivating copy, engaging blogs, and awesome emails will only help in marketing digitally.

Now, we turn it over to you.

Do you agree with this assessment?

Do you feel that there is any other skill that is more important in digital marketing that is as important as writing?

Reach out or drop a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

How to Stay Connected While Maintaining Social Distance [updated for 2021]

How to Stay Connected While Maintaining Social Distance [updated for 2021]

How to Stay Connected While Maintaining Social Distance

Our sincere desire for physical connectivity is coded into our DNA.

We are social creatures. We can reduce our stress, tensions, and anxiety through positive social support, but – we are now in 2021 and with vaccines around the corner, we may be tempted to break the social distance rules.  Trust me when I say this – even as a socially awkward person, I miss human interaction with friends and family.

At Web Worx Labs – we will be sharing our thoughts on mobile and computer apps that you can use (for free or very little cost) to stay connected while maintaining social distance even in 2021 (we updated this blog from last year to add new apps that are trending)!

We want to provide some actionable solutions on how to tackle the effects of this pandemic so we can beat this thing together! (we are almost there)

We know that we need to practice social distancing to slow down the spread of the disease.

It’s was a long 2020 and I am glad it’s behind us, but we are not out of the woods yet!

Now, companies, groups, and organizations in 2021 have continued to maintain their social distance activities such as the only front-line workers coming to the workplace and while non-essential employees continue to work from home.

Businesses on the other hand that are non-essential especially are hurting that can use the below apps to stay virtually connected at no or very little costs.

However, maintaining social distance will result in fewer face-to-face interactions, which will potentially increase the risk of feeling lonely.

Today we talk about how to still stay connected with some of the most widely used apps while maintaining safe social distance to help address and tackle issues head-on that are arising because of this pandemic.

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Why Social Distancing Will Increase the Risk of Feeling Lonely?

People will likely be impacted by self-isolation; but even though we will not be able to in close proximity with our friends, family and loved ones – it does not mean we cannot stay connected.

So, why should you be concerned about the feeling of loneliness?

Well, social isolation or not meeting anyone for a prolonged period can increase the risk of earlier death and other adverse health effects as per a detailed study and article published in Aging Life Care Journal.

Also, we need to consider socially vulnerable people, such as older people that are likely to struggle more during this period.

We don’t have contingency plans to help people who are struggling with loneliness or have complex health issues.

Social distancing will help in stopping the spread of the virus; for loneliness, we need to think smart and creatively.

Today we have technologies that can help us reduce the risk of loneliness.

These technologies are in the palm of our hands, easily accessible –  we can help stay connected, fight boredom and combat loneliness.

Connecting online in times like these will become more imperative.  We can hold virtual get-togethers, meetings, discussions and so much more.  Anything to keep the conversation and support going.  We can engage with people globally and join together to combat the loneliness that will likely occur in our fight against the COVID-19.

Moreover, you can install these apps on your phone and reach out to anyone you want to.

Some simple and well-known mobile or desktop apps will help you stay connected anytime, anywhere.  Many of these you are familiar with, but now that we are really connecting online, having more options in your arsenal can never hurt.  So without further a due – here are some of the popular apps we recommend you use to stay engaged, connected but maintain your social distance!

Staying connected With Below Apps:


The number one spot on our list goes to FaceTime. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac – you have probably come across FaceTime.

You can video chat with anyone in your contact list as long the receiver also has an Apple platform (IOS).

FaceTime has been primarily used for video calling; however, you can also use the app for audio calls.

Did we forget to mention that FaceTime also allows you to chat with 32 people at the same time? In our books – that’s a party!

This app is truly a loneliness buster, and we recommend it because of its simple and easy-to-use/understand interface.

Google Hangouts, Duo & Meets 

Google provides many ways for you to connect online.

Google Hangouts is free and more of an SMS replacement, but you can still host video calls on them.

Google duo runs on both Android and IOS platforms and still working (even though the engineers at Google were to transition it to Google Meets).  To use Google Duo – you simply need a Google account (and who does not have one these days?)

Google Meet is more of a paid option for Google G Suite users but free for those not using their G Suite applications.

In all three of these apps – we found the video quality and voice quality to be crisp.  Highly recommended for Google fans!

Marco Polo

If Snapchat and FaceTime had a child, it would be Marco Polo.

This easy-to-use app gives the user a fantastic texting experience, social media access, and video chats all in one place, “Marco Polo.”

Let’s assume you want to call your aunt, and she lives in Norway – well, Marco Polo is just the app for you because you can send video messages to anyone you want.

The receiver of the video message can respond at any time at their leisure.

Also, Marco Polo saves all your video messages so that you can access them whenever you want in the future.

Want to beat loneliness? Marco Polo is a good option for you.

It comes with additional features with effects and different tones you can add to your video messages to keep it light, entertaining and fun.


Do we even need to introduce you to Skype? It’s an older platform – tried, tested and still true!

With 300 million active monthly users, Skype is one of the best communication applications created to have one on one or group conversations.

Skype allows you to send pictures, documents, voice notes, audio/video calls, and you can use it on your mobile, laptop, or PC alike.

Skype gives you an option to have a video conference with up to 50 people at the same time (that’s also a party!).

Moreover, Skype charges a nominal fee and allows you to call on mobile and landlines globally.

Skype even lets you record your video or audio call and save or share it.

Also, Skype offers live subtitles, and skype itself is free to download for Mac, IOS, or Android.

You have many connectivity options with skype – download it here and beat the heat out of loneliness today.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is light, easy to use and ideal for heavy Facebook users (can’t say the same for their main Facebook app, which is very heavy and slow to load).

There are now around 3 billion people on Facebook according to Statista. Chances are good, with Facebook Messenger, you can connect to we think anyone.

Facebook Messenger is fast, smooth, and allows the user to send instant messages, shots, videos, GIFs, emojis, and stickers.

You can make free Wi-Fi calls on a global scale. Using this app will make you feel like using your daily messaging app – just tap on any contact you want to chat with and start typing.


The world now runs on WhatsApp.  It is also another messenger service that was purchased by Facebook.

This application has become so widespread in use around the globe that this is the go-to for most users.

There was a big uproar after Facebook decided to take some of the privacy features away from WhatsApp.  You can learn more about it here

However, we mentioned it last here because it really needs no introduction.  The call quality and video quality are not bad – but we felt that the others come in a bit better in this regard.

A worthy and goto choice for many!


Zoom has taken the world in 2020 by storm as one of the leading online meeting solutions.

The ability to hold zoom calls is becoming a synonym with “meetings.

With their 40 minute free option and very affordable plans for longer times, Zoom helps people stay connected virtually in a seamless and easy-to-use way!

Honourable New Mention (in 2021) – Signal App:

If privacy is your thing and you really want a good option that even Elon Musk endorses for their end-to-end encryption then we recommend Signal.

No messages read, no call listening (unlike WhatsApp).

Worth checking out.


COVID-19 may have forced us to distance ourselves from each other socially, but with the technology we have today, we can stay connected.

Web Worx Labs believes that the world needs to stay connected now more than ever.  Let’s all do our part by maintaining a safe social distance and conquer COVID-19 together! Staying at home and reducing the risk of spreading this virus while combatting boredom and loneliness with our need to connect physically is the name of the game today.

Until an antidote, cure, or vaccine is rolled out for COVID-19 in your area, we recommend that you stay at home and connect with everyone using the apps that are mentioned above.

Businesses can still maintain a connection via apps and social media to keep the relationship alive.

Do you have any recommendations on other apps that are worthy of inclusion in the lists above?  Let us know or add to the comment section below!

Stay safe and stay connected!