Incompetency & Fakeness Is Amplified in the Digital World

In a world where the existing jobs are fewer than the many people who need them, many people will do all it takes to secure jobs, compete, over-promise, lie and come across as someone they are not to get ahead. This is faking incompetency. I work predominately on the world wide web. This is mostly an unregulated open field for anyone and everyone to claim themselves as experts. I am going to go out there […]

3 Go-to Social Media Channels For Technical Brands

In today’s post, I discuss social media marketing that technical, operations-driven, engineering and manufacturing brands should use to get ahead and build their brand. Social media is all about engagement, building relationships, and keeping your existing community happy (and proud) to be associated with you. Community, in this case, means your prospects, existing customers, past clients/customers, employees (and their families), investors, media organizations, vendors, creditors, and more! These are your ‘people’ and your tribe. They believe in the […]