AI Unplugged: The $81 Billion OpenAI Showdown!

Open AI rivalry

Corporate Mutiny. Shots Fired. Over-governance. This stuff puts 

Hollywood writers to shame. 

OpenAI drama is an evolving story that just has too much political drama that is shaking up the tech and AI world to its core. Learn about the story so far and stay tuned as we update on how this unfolds.

And as of 2 days ago – the storm has passed. Sam is back. No more revolt and the AI work continue.

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Meet Aun Abid
Architect of Growth and Co-Founder Extraordinaire at
Web Worx Labs

Aun Abid

Meet Aun Abid, Co-Founder and Visionary VP of Business Development at Web Worx Labs!

 A driving force behind our spectacular journey, Aun’s unparalleled passion for scaling brands and cutting-edge insights in big data are the secret sauce to our triumphs in marketing.



This Week's Spotlight
Crisis at X, Amazon's Triumph, and Gen Z Secrets Unveiled!

X in Crisis: Advertisers Exit, Unraveling the ‘Not Boring’ Narrative!

In the world of Elon Musk’s and X CEO Linda Yaccarino’s ‘not boring’ X project, this week has proven to be anything but dull. Challenges abound as a third-party analysis casts doubt on X’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war’s misinformation, prompting the European Commission and IBM to cease advertising due to ‘widespread concerns.’ The plot thickens as X grapples with the precarious placement of paid promotions alongside controversial content. As the drama unfolds, it raises questions about the future of X and a potential seismic shift away from the app. Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns!

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Amazon’s Ecommerce Takeover: Snap, Meta, and the Social Shopping Revolution!

Amazon vs. TikTok: The Ecommerce Clash Intensifies! Unveiling strategic partnerships with Snap and Meta, Amazon aims to revolutionize social shopping and curb TikTok’s ecommerce aspirations. Discover how these collaborations redefine Amazon’s role in the ecommerce landscape, offering users seamless shopping experiences and unlocking new revenue streams. It’s a battle for the future of online retail!

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Unveiling the Gen Z Code: TikTok Trends and the Art of Authentic Marketing!

Dive into the heartbeat of Gen Z with lessons from TikTok’s recent trends! With 71.1% of Gen Zers projected to be on TikTok next year, authenticity takes center stage. Explore the ‘no makeup makeup look’ trend, boasting over 200 million views, and learn the invaluable lesson: Gen Z craves authenticity. Brands, take note—whether in beauty or beyond, aligning with genuine content and influencers is the key to capturing this dynamic audience.

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