Your company has an upcoming event? A product launch or a corporate holiday party? Web Worx labs offers professional corporate event photography to ensure your brand image is maintained and stands out amongst your competitors.

Take Advantage Of Your Corporate Events And Ensure It Is Well Communicated To your Audience.

Event photography is a powerful tool to visually capture and communicate all your big corporate moments. Milestones, product launches, corporate seminars, grand openings and all big or small events can help your brand stand out and generate word of mouth.

Why Choose Web Worx Labs For Corporate Event Photography?

Types Of Events We Cover

Our event photography services are designed to suit various unique demands of your business. We cover events such as.

Sports/Action Photography

Covering all types of sporting events whether it is professional sports or pee-wee leagues. We understand the right frame rates, the right angles, the composition, and the right way to capture these fast pace action shots, we do it all.

Awards & Ceremonies

Let us ensure you do not miss those special moments as you give and receive these rewards at your next reception. Our team specializes in capturing the key moments in their natural setting.

We Offer All-Inclusive Value-Added Services

Before we proceed with capturing your corporate event we ensure we know everything about your brand and requirements

This session is an initial briefing where we understand your requirements & your brand.

Consultation Session

Based on your requirements we create a detailed plan for the photo shoot which includes the color palette, backdrops, location, settings and more.


Moodboard Presentation

Planning is where the work is and how success is defined. We document and capture your goals and objectives upfront, align and then only execute.


We provide all instructions for the shoot day in advance, so that you and your team are prepared.



The selected high resolution pictures are retouched and color corrected to ensure the final product looks flawless.


Post Production

We had an amazing designer redesign our new website for us. It looks very nice and modern. However, it was not ranking for search results.

Kaban Montessori School

The Web Worx Labs team is simply amazing. From excellent communication, to great design, social media and marketing, they take care of it all.

John Attia

Very professional and will go out of their way to help. Knowledgeable within their industry. Overall satisfied.

BriteSpace Offices

Some partners we have helped along the years...

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